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The Presidents of LMA oversee all aspects concerning the internal and external functions of the club. We lead a team of talented individuals who cohesively work to execute the club’s shared vision of “Making a Statement”. LMA Presidents ensure that LMA initiatives help enable students to discover their brand and develop strategic marketing capabilities


The LMA Marketing portfolio is responsible for developing and launching campaigns that highlight our events and initiatives. Through creativity and innovation, we strive to uphold our mission statement, “Making a Statement” throughout all our campaigns. Across our social media platforms, the Marketing portfolio ensures that LMA is well-represented throughout the Laurier network.



The LMA Corporate portfolio acts as the external voice of the organization. On behalf of LMA, we build professional connections with potential sponsors and partners by providing insight into the club and the value we create through our initiatives. We strive to connect our team with notable partners to help execute events that are of interest to students at Laurier.



The LMA Events portfolio strives to deliver the utmost student satisfaction to the Lazaridis community through seamless planning and execution of various events. We are responsible for bringing the LMA vision to life through hosting skills and knowledge-enhancing events that create and add value for all stakeholders of the organization.



The LMA Finance portfolio is the internal support for all the other portfolios and business operations of LMA. We focus on ensuring that LMA is operating on a consistent and transparent basis and that the best practices are being followed for financial accountability. Our duties consist of adhering to the club operating budget and managing reimbursement processes for our team.



The LMA Internal Relations portfolio is the central core of the organization’s values and culture. It is critical to us that each member of our executive team feel like they are an integral part of LMA and are actively contributing to our shared success. From recruitment projects to social planning, we strive to promote the “family” culture that has been the key to LMA’s long-lived success.

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